The Endo-Inspire Gala, A Night to Remember

We invite you to join EndoArmy’s Endo-Inspire Gala located an hour from the heart of DC in beautiful Virginia Wine Country. Here at EndoArmy we believe endometriosis patients deserve more then bedridden, hopeless futures. We believe with proper care, support, and community patients can live empowered and inspirational lives. Join with doctors, specialists, performers, endo allies, and more as we come together alongside patients to fight endometriosis. Help us empower patients to live beyond their diagnosis.

Kaitlyn Morell

Kaitlyn Morell is a singer/song writer. Her recent single “My Forever” has been hitting the radio across the country. Her song “Invinsible” has empowered many individuals with endometriosis as she revealed her struggles with the disease and story behind the song.

Dr. Karli Goldstien

Dr. Goldstien is an associate gynecologic surgeon at Seckin Endometriosis Center in NY. She dedicates her practices to deep excision surgical methods and is a driving force for endometriosis research. Dr. Goldstien has a special compassion for patients with endometriosis as she herself battles stage IV endo with multiple IVF failures and losses. With proper care and incredible drive, Dr. Goldstien has defied the odds by continuing her work as a surgeon while becoming a new mother to her sweet baby girl. Dr. Goldstien is passionate about creating a hopeful and empowering outlook for patients’ futures with proper care and support.

Alexandra Camara

Alexandra is a passionate endometriosis advocate using her social media as a way to share education and awareness with other patients. Alex has battled both pelvic and thoracic endometriosis. She recently underwent video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) to excise endometriosis around her lungs. Having a mother who was also diagnosed with endometriosis Alex knew about her condition from an early age. Despite an early diagnosis she has still had to fight for proper care unrelentingly. Instead of rolling over in self-pity as many in her situation would feel inclined to do, Alex has fought to become an incredibly knowledgeable patient sharing her journey with others in an insightful, hope-filled, and positive manner.

Dr. Kenneth Barron

Dr. Barron is a gynecologic surgeon who took an interest in helping patients with pelvic pain. After two residencies, including training at the Endometriosis Center of Atlanta, Dr. Barron opened his own practice dedicated to helping patients through endometriosis excisional therapy, education, and understanding. Over 75% of Dr. Barron’s patients struggle with endometriosis. He has become an invaluable resource for EndoArmy by sharing his knowledge and support for the nonprofit and, also, by helping many members find relief from pain.

Maggie Thorn

Maggie is a country-style musician from Bloomfield, Missouri. She has been performing since she was 15. Her most recent album “The Other Side” made its way to the top 100 albums being considered for Country Album of the Year by The Grammy Association receiving airplay on Americana Radio Stations across the USA as well as winning “Album of The Year” at the 2018 Josie Music Awards. Maggie recently underwent pelvic and thoracic endometriosis excision. She has spoken openly about her journey with endo through social media.

Dr. Tamer Seckin

Dr. Seckin is considered to be one of the pioneers of endometriosis care and research. He has developed many innovative gynecologic surgical techniques such as the Aqua Blue Excision technique. He has been practicing deep excision and advanced gynecologic surgery for over 30 years. He is the co-founder of the Endometriosis Foundation of America. He pushes to increase disease recognition, provide advocacy, facilitate expert surgical training, and funds landmark endometriosis research.

Gillian Larson

Gillian is a true icon of female empowerment having traveled over 10,000 miles in the backcountry with her horses. She has overcome countless obstacles and has inspired many individuals by sharing her journeys. One of the individuals she inspired was Kianna, founder of EndoArmy. As Kianna was recovering from surgery and treatments she knew she wanted to do something for the endometriosis community. A small, crazy voice in the back of Kianna’s mind thoughtWell, you have always wanted to ride horseback from Mexico to Canada and because of your pain you never thought you would be able to. Maybe if you do that, you could get sponsors to raise funds for patients. She knew it sounded crazy, she thought to herself, “I need a sign, I need something to push me if I am going to do this. Ride over 2,000 miles with a chronic illness? Maybe I am crazy… but what if…” So Kianna googled “riding horseback from Mexico to Canada”. Gillian’s blog showed up and something very odd happened… Gillian’s horse looked identical to Kianna’s horse. Kianna kept reading… wait! Gillian’s horse’s name was also the same as Kianna’s! A rather uncommon name at that, Shyla! So Kianna thought “hey… maybe this is the sign?”. So she messaged Gillian, not really expecting a response. After all, Gillian has 37k followers why would she respond? However, not only did Gillian respond, she has become an incredible resource of knowledge for Kianna. She has responded to all of Kianna’s questions regarding preparation for the Awareness Ride in-depth with encouragement. When Kianna asked if she would speak at the gala about her journey and the journey Kianna is soon to embark on for endometriosis awareness, she did not hesitate. Gillian is an amazing example of the people endometriosis patients need in their lives. People who have not struggled with endometriosis themselves, but are willing to encourage and empower our journeys and help us fight in our own unique ways.

Kianna Scott

Kianna is the founder and executive director of EndoArmy. She started this nonprofit after personally experiencing the need endometriosis patients have for tangible support, easily accessible information, and hope for their future. After battling endometriosis herself, undiagnosed for many years, she finally got answers in early 2018. Endometriosis had led to a multitude of other secondary effects and disease processes. Kianna has always been passionate about human connection and medicine (she works as a professional in the veterinary medicine industry). Her diagnosis pushed her to take actions so that others would not have to suffer alone, for as long, or lose hope as she had before surgery. Kianna is now planning to ride horseback over 2,000 miles from Mexico to Canada to raise funds and awareness for patients with endometriosis.

Ticket Options

General Admission:

Join us for a night to remember! Your general admission ticket will get you a seat at The Endo-Inspire Gala. You will enjoy music, community, motivational speakers, education, wine, dinner, dancing, a silent auction and more! Money raised during the gala and through ticket sales will go directly to further awareness/educational campaigns including “The Ride Campaign” and to help fund medical care for patients in need.

The Horses and Healing Package:

In addition to general admission to The Endo-Inspire Gala on February 8th, this ticket will give you the chance to encounter the healing power of the horse/human connection. Equine (horse) therapy has been used for many years to aid in healing the body and the mind. Wheatland Farms, a therapeutic riding center, has offered to create an experience where individuals can encounter this bond in a fun and safe way. Wheatland Farm staff will offer a customized experience for individuals with all levels of equestrian ability. You can learn something from this experience whether you have never met a horse in person before or if you have been riding all your life. You will also have a chance to meet and speak with Gillian Larson who has ridden over 8,000 miles on horseback through the backcountry. After your equine encounter we will enjoy a time of socializing with warm snacks and beverages.

2 Day Historic Getaway Package

Coming from out of town to attend The Endo-Inspire Gala? Stay Saturday the 8th – Monday the 10th at the oldest continuously running Inn in the United States. Red Fox Inn is a quaint historic Inn located in the heart of Virginia’s wine country. Explore the historic village of Middleburg during your stay. You may find yourself visiting with the local equestrians at a charming coffee shop down the street, shopping at the many signature boutiques, or sampling wine at some of the surrounding wineries during your stay. Your ticket will include a two-night stay at Red Fox Inn, general admission to the Endo-Inspire gala, and a complimentary bottle of wine from Barrel Oak Winery. This ticket is good for up to two people.

Event Sponsors

Sponsor Disclaimer: EndoArmy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit run by patients for patients. We have made the desition to deny financial support from pharmaceutical companies. We have also made the choice to keep the nonprofit patient-driven. To avoid conflicts of interest or accusations of patient funneling we do not allow any doctors or gynecologic medical professionals on our board. We avidly seek advice and support from professionals but choose stay a third party unbias patient-centered organization. All speaker and performers at this event are voulenteers and are not recieving financial compensation for their performances.

Barrel Oak Winery

Barrel Oak Winery is allowing EndoArmy to use their space to host The Endo-Inspire Gala. They have been an invaluable supporter of our nonprofit from the early stages. We would like to thank them for all the opportunities they have granted us through their generosity.

Center for Advanced Gynocology

The Center for Advanced Gynecology has graciously sponsored our event, helping make it possible to bring so many inspirational individuals together. With their help we are able to create this memorable night.

Wheatland Farm

Wheatland Farms is a therapeutic riding and equine-assisted activities and therapies program named a USEF/USPEA Para-dressage Center of Excellence. Wheatland Farms aims to use the human equine bond to bring healing and empowerment into the lives of many. Wheatland Farm has graciously donated their services to provide a powerful equine experience for EndoArmy guests following the EndoInspire Gala.