Endo Patient Shopping List

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Together we have made a collaborative list of items suggested by patients for patients. Please note that none of the items below are endorsed or prescribed by EndoArmy specifically. This is merely a collection of items patients have suggested that we are sharing with you. We do not promote using any of these items in lue of medical help. Please consult your doctors before using any medical devices, supplements, or health-related items listed below. As amazon affiliates, all items purchased using the links below will create a small donation to EndoArmy at the time of your purchase (no extra cost to you). So please navigate using the links on this page so you can help us help patients! A huge thank you goes to Amy Jane Melhuish and Kianna Scott for taking the time to compile this list of items from endometriosis patients!

Support Fellow Patients

Above were all products you could purchase through affiliate links, creating a small source of funds for our nonprofit. Bellow products are made or sold by endometriosis patients. Your purchases at these shops may not generate donations for EndoArmy however here we are all about supporting fellow warriors. So take a look around their pages and see what other endo patients are providing!