We invite you to join us for the Inaugural EndoMarch 2020 Raleigh North Carolina on Saturday, March 28th from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm 

We are all warriors but a battle has never been won alone.

We must raise our voices as our weapons. We must not stay silent. We must hold each other up. Our pain is strong, our bodies are weak, but our love can change the world.

Every Endo warrior needs to know they are not alone. You deserve to have fellow Endo Warriors standing with you in your hardest moments from the clinics to your relationships. You deserve to have a voice, you deserve to be seen, and you deserve to know you are not alone.

Karen Scoggins and Kianna Scott came together because we know what it’s like to  feel like there is no hope, in pain, and being ignored by physicians who don’t know how to treat or diagnose endometriosis. We march because we believe this doesn’t have to be the case for every endo warrior. We march for hope! We march for community! We march for change!

 joining forces under EndoArmy

EndoArmy believes EVERY warrior deserves access to education, empowerment, and community so that they can be properly equipped to fight their battle with endo!

As an orginization passionate about supplying all patients with access to endometriosis education and care we are ecstatic to be hosting the first ever North Carolina EndoMarch. Co-founder and NC area reprasentative Karen Scoggins  has teamed up with WorldWide EndoMarch to put on this amazing event. After suffering the loss of many organs, a frozen pelvis, and over 25 years of pain due to endometriosis and improper treatments Karen dedicating herself to reaching her home state. Her efforts are put forth in an attempt to help others in her community avoid the pain she lives with every day. To learn more about Karen’s story read her bio on our Meet The Team page.

If you have endometriosis, know someone that does, or simply would like to support a movement meant to help endo-warriors all over the country EndoArmy  invites you to join their local NC chapter and inaugural EndoMarch starting from The Jiddi Space on South Wilmington Street to the Raleigh North Carolina Capitol Building. Lets paint the town yellow and bring more awareness to the local patients, health care providers, and goverment officials. NC warriors know, YOU are not alone and EndoArmy is here to help!

We believe that every EndoWarrior

Is meant to live a life that is fufilling and not defined by their illness in all aspects from their career to their relationships.

We won’t stop until there are enough properly trained physicians to  patients to reach all patients in need. Till no one feels they need to fight this battle alone. Util our army wins!

Show you support of our army by purchasing our very comfortable Unisex t-shirts available now until the event concludes. They are $20.00 each, with all profits made will going to EndoArmy.

If you would like an ENDOARMY t-shirt to contact Karen at Karen@endoarmy.com with your size so we can have your shirt on hand the day of the event. We offer 3 options for payment Venmo, PayPal, and Cash the day of the event.

Come join us and help us make a difference!