Our Donors

Platinum Donors  Value Of $2,001.00-$5,000.00

Stephen & Karen Scoggins

Donated website design, business advising,  financial donations, and more.

Sharon Hallman

Owner of Life Captured Photography, donated multiple photo sessions, studio space, posters, warrior wall supplies, and more.

Honorable Donors Value Of $0.01-$50.00

Amrhein Bossut Belinda

Financial Donor

Mary Orr

Financial Donor

Stacy Lengner

Financial Donor

Tim Leibfritz

Financial Donor

Sandra Finn Conaway

Financial Donor

Gold Donors Value Of $500.00-$2,000.00

Andreas Andreou

Owner of Portrait of a Human Being donated filming and editing of Kianna’s soul biography.

Bronze Donors Value Of $51.00-100.00

Judy Smith

Flowers and financial donation

Dr. Kenneth Barron

Financial Donor

To learn more about our donor levels or how you can help EndoArmy change lives check out our donations page.